Jaipur Tourist Places Near Jaigarh Fort

Rajasthan tourism and Jaipur tourism are probably one of the world’s most famous tourism plans. Indian is the land of heroic history, invaders and travelers all across the world have left the land of India with rich culture. While you are looking for Jaipur tourist places, Nahargarh fort, Amber fort should be in your top charts.

This belt of the aravalli range is sure to mesmerize you. The entire range of the serene aravali is home to Jaipur tourist places. Forts and palaces that once were home to the royal families of Rajasthan (India) are now open for tourists.There is a huge amount of revenue generated through the tourism of Jaipur and Rajasthan.

Amber Fort

Jaipur Tourist Places

When you see a wonderful structure overlooking the Maota Lake near Jaipur you know you are seeing the most beautiful of all the Amber fort. This fort is an epic example of Hindu elements built in the most artistic manner. The Amber fort is an eye candy and to describe it in certain words needs 100 percent justification.

  • It is situated at an elevated hilly range. Stair cases and drive ways are both available to climb the fort.
  • One can take the Uber famous Elephant ride to reach the fort.
  • Light and sound shows are organized every evening to describe the wonderful history of the fort.
  • Sheesh Mahal (Mirror palace) is a major attraction inside the palace.
  • The view down the lake Maota and aravali range is sure to make your heart skip a beat.

Nahargarh Fort

Jaipur Tourist Places

Probably the most loved destination in Jaipur is the Nahargarh fort. The literal crown of Jaipur tourism is this fort which is mostly the highest point of city of Jaipur. The way up to the Bastion of the Nahargarh fort is enthralling in all sense. The scenic view of the pink city from the elevated way of the Nahargarh fort is photogenic and heart taking.

  • Some of the famous movies have depicted the Nahargarh fort and hence it has gained more popularity amongst youngsters.
  • Exclusive restaurant at the top serves you delicacy and scenic beauty.
  • Nahargarh literally means abode of tigers which is true to its defensive ring.
  • This is an important amongst Jaipur tourist places.
  • The place is famous for its view of the city especially at sun set and night lights.

Kanak Ghati

Jaipur Tourist Places

A live example of the royal gardens is the Kanak Ghati. The Kanak Ghati is one of the most amazing Jaipur tourist places. The foreign tourists who come for Jaipur tourism to this superbly built garden find it enriched of Indian values and culture.

Also called as Kanak Vrindavan this is the most beautiful garden of the Pink city. Vrindavan is a place known for lord Krishna and its close resemblance makes it to be called Kanak Vrindavan.

While sloping down from Nahargarh fort one can visit the beautiful place.

Jal Mahal

Jaipur Tourist Places

Right at the middle of the Man Sagar lake stands the serene Jal Mahal (Water palace). The site looks its best during the monsoon. With dark clouds hovering above the Aravali range and boats commuting to the Jal mahal it becomes absolutely picturesque.

One can reach the palace through boats. However people like to watch the palace from a distant railing along the main road.

  • Feeding the fishes of the lake is an interesting activity here.
  • As the name suggests this is the place of relaxation at this Rajasthan fort. Aaram bagh is a garden or place meant for the royal family to relax and spend quality time. The forts in India generally accommodate an Aaram bagh. These are beautifully built serene places in form of gardens or porch.

    Aaram Bagh
  • Sagar Lake is an artificial lake that has been named after Raja Man Singh. This used to be the source of water for the forts of Amber and Jaigarh. The river Dharbawati was dammed to make this beautiful Sagar lake in the royal lap of Amber and Jaipur (Rajasthan). It beholds the beauty of this region.

    Sagar Lake
  • The Jaivan cannon is perhaps the most talked about Cannon in the royal land of Rajasthan (India). The fort was a center of artillery production of the Rajputs. This was the world’s largest cannon on wheels at the time of its construction. The cannon was never really used in the wars.

    Jaivan Cannon

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