About Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh fort is one of the most visited forts in India. Situated at Cheel ka teela (aravali range) this is another master piece amongst the forts of Rajasthan (India). This is a Rajasthan fort named after its creator Jai Singh ji (2). Needless to mention the state of Rajasthan in India is the state of warriors. The glorious past has many a victories and important personalities from the wonderful state. In 1726 this fort of Rajasthan was built to protect the majestic Amber fort and its palaces. Sometimes the Jaigarh fort is also referred to as the Victory fort.

Stunning View

Stunning View

Situated at a height on the hills of Aravali the Jaigarh fort provides a picturesque view. The high walls of the fort give a magical appeal to the entire area.

Unending Walls

Unending Walls

Forts are meant to be massive in structure and hence there walls are the major attractions. The unending walls of the forts of Rajasthan have their own story.



Such royal history deserves to be displayed in museum. The Jaigarh fort museum hosts vintage artifacts and some interesting hand drawn plans of nearby places.

  • Aaram Bagh

  • Sagar Lake

  • Jaivan Cannon

  • As the name suggests this is the place of relaxation at this Rajasthan fort. Aaram bagh is a garden or place meant for the royal family to relax and spend quality time. The forts in India generally accommodate an Aaram bagh. These are beautifully built serene places in form of gardens or porch.

  • Sagar Lake is an artificial lake that has been named after Raja Man Singh. This used to be the source of water for the forts of Amber and Jaigarh. The river Dharbawati was dammed to make this beautiful Sagar lake in the royal lap of Amber and Jaipur (Rajasthan). It beholds the beauty of this region.

  • The Jaivan cannon is perhaps the most talked about Cannon in the royal land of Rajasthan (India). The fort was a center of artillery production of the Rajputs. This was the world’s largest cannon on wheels at the time of its construction. The cannon was never really used in the wars.

Near By Attractions

Jaigarh Fort has a Royal History attached to it and so does many alluring nearby places. One should definitely visit these places while searching for historical masterpiece in the pink city- Jaipur

Amber Fort

The Amber fort is a Major tourist attraction of Rajasthan. It is dramatic and magnificent in all sense.

Nahargarh Fort

Yet another protector on the same belt of Aravali, the Nahargarh fort gives an Aw stuck view of the pink city.

Kanak Ghati

Live examples of royal construction, the Kanak Ghati is a garden built for the royal families.

Jal Mahal

Palace built in middle of a lake. That’s how it is called the Jal Mahal. It is absolutely stunning in all its senses.